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New, more aesthetic pissoir dividing walls

If you need either melamine, stainless steel or porcelain pissoir dividing walls, or polycarbonate shower partition walls, you can find every type according to your demand in the product range of B&K Ltd.

After introducing D30 mm pipe-framed pissoir partition walls at the beginning of the year, and the well-known porcelain dividing walls, a new melamine pissoir partition wall with ABS edge closure got in our choice. The right now shown product can be ordered in white (LTT.PISSFAL10) and grey (LTT.PISSFAL12) basic colours. First of all we offer our new product into the bathrooms, where not only functionality is important but aesthetics is dominant.

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Easy Handle and Profilo Comfort

Out of all the rooms, the bathroom is the second most dangerous environment at home. Most domestic falls occur in the bathroom.In fact, the risk of slipping off in the bathroom is much more frequent than in any other room.This happens because of squirts of water on the floor during personal washing off or because of residual of soap that makes the wet floor slippery. Awareness and the use of some accessories such as a rubber bath mat and grab bars can drastically reduce the risk of accidents.

A wide choice of Easy Handle handrails in materials and finishing allows to match them very harmoniously with the design of each bathroom.Easy Handle line of safety grab bars offers a complete range of models in various sizes to respond to all kinds of needs.
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Profilo Smart – Track to the future

Change, alteration, development  is essence of our life. This is the essence of also Profilo Smart, it offers possibility of movement, change and flexibility together with harmony, beauty, aesthetics, material and colour.
Essence of the concept is to offer a very good solution for bathrooms – but not only – as a response to demands. Profilo Smart supports modularity and aesthetics in every environment.   Profilo Smart system is a track to the future, with the help of which barriers disappear, providing flexibility and dynamism for every environment, enabling to give creativity to every field.

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Granite and miranit washbasin solutions

We offer one-, two- and three-basin  washbasin variants for the customers who need beautiful, durable and economical solution when  make either a home bathroom or a public one.

One-basin granite washbasins call attention of the customers with their clear shape as well as with their fair prices. Our washing units, including one, two or three basins are made also from granite, their basic prices refer to only the tables, so you can vary washbasins, soap dispensers, taps, accessories according to your wish.

Also our new products are moulded granite and miranit washbasins, advantage of which is that though they are very resistant to the environmental effects, they can be treated on the location of the installation, so they can be shaped according to the local demands.  They are very practical to make washbasin units to be placed in wall cabins.

Choice of soap- and paper dispensers of B&K Ltd. has been renewed

Since the middle of March our choice of soap- and paper dispensers has been renewed. Among new paper dispensers you will find dispensers both for roll and C or Z folded papers. Regarding finish of dispensers you can find bright or satin stainless steel as well as plastic (ABS).

Beside extended choice of material of renewed soap dispensers further innovation is that refilling got much easier and more economical. When building a water block, beside economical performance important aspect can be harmonic and uniform look. Owing to the same cover dispensers it is not a problem.

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