„Clear water for healthy world!”

„UN declared 22 March as World Day of Water in 1994. Since then we celebrate one of our most valuable treasure, the water on this day. Hungary joined this international initiation...” (Go on to www.vizvilagnap.hu home page!)

We, in our special way celebrate this important and essential element, the drinking water, introducing five new models of drinking fountain. You can find further information about our drinking fountains among our novelties of 2010. !

Water jet, controlled by aerator

Flowing angle of the water, coming out from the tap can easily and simly be adjusted with modification of inclination angle of the new „tipping plate” aerator.
It happens that water jet coming out from the just installed tap flows in not ideal angle and you either must take your hand too close to the washbasin or water splash to your clothes, environment.

Taps – infrared and piezo operated ones – mounted with SSR aerators – developed by neoperl®- introduced by B&K Ltd. right now offer simple solution for this problem to avoid change of a tap or a washbasin, causing extra cost and anger for the user.  Small difference but real help.

With thematic lists for getting information easier

With thematic lists for getting information easierIf this is not the first time you visited our homepage you might have noticed that the leftside menu has been extended with a new point „Thematic lists”. Our aim was to make easier for our customers to find the requested produdcts. Till now we have composed five different lists for users:

Certainly you can further search for products upon article numbers or product groups under the menu point of our products.

Next accredited design workshop

Next accredited design workshopB & K Ltd. and InPro Corporation kindly invite their partners to the next design workshop will be held on 22 May 2009 in Józsefváros Cultural Centre (Park Orczy). We call every designer’s attention that the program will be accredited by the Chamber of Hungarian Architects and the Chamber of Hungarian Engineers.

If you work as a designer and intend to take part in the workshop please submit your registration (please state your chamber registration number on it) to the bandk@bandk.hu e-mail address or to the +36-29-413-535 fax number until 18 May 2009 the latest.

One more acknowledgement: Hungarian Design Award 2008

We had no enough time to enjoy congratulations for the Hungarian Product Award® and the Care Prize yet, when a new acknowledgement was given to one of our designed public toilets. Hungarian Design Council has choosen our product to be one of the twenty best designed industrial products. With this award it has won the right to be shown on the exhibition Formatúra 2003-2007. The exhibition can be visited on the groundfloor of Industrial Art Museum till 26 October 2008.

Hungarian Product Award ® for our outdoor public toilets

Our automatic, outdoor, form-designed public toilets, usable also by disabled were given a special award of Hungarian Product Award ® by INDUSTORG Application Office, TÜV-SÜD KERMI Ltd..National Customer Protection Authority, MEHIB Zrt, EXIMBANK Zrt., TERC Ltd.. ITD-Hungary Nonprofit Zrt. It was a pleasant surprise that this year beside the Hungarian Product Award, B&K Ltd. got an other prize of Care, given by the magazine of Disabled.hu for the helpful activity, our company does for the people, living with help.

Prizes were handed over in the Upper Chamber of Parliament on 3 September 2008.
We do hope these privileges are the latest signs showing that high-quality products and developments of our company meet demands, expectations of our partmers. Thank you for acknowledgement!
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