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A New Era has started on the market of the self closing faucets - Perfect Time

Perfect TimeProduct development in the electronic sanitary market has finally reached the market for self closing faucets. The introduction of electronic sensor faucets has provided the market with an alternative for mechanical self closing taps. The Perfect Time is an electronic version of a regular mechanical self closing faucet. It is operated by touch, making use of Piezo technology.

Our newest products can shortly be characterized as: durable, rapid response times, high displacement accuracy, exceptionally energy efficient and stable. Their design is simple, making them small enough to use in the most compact locations.

Technical description

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Our free Skype phone service has been introduced.Our free Skypetm phone service has been introduced. If you want to contact us simply and in a cost-efficient way you should follow only some very easy steps.
First please install Skypetm communication software on your computer, you can download it free of charge from www.skype.hu page. Then please connect a microphone and a headset to your computer. Finally click on the relevant icon under the main menu of our home page and the colleague you have chosen will be called soon. Your call is welcome every weekday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.!

You can find renewed product categories and special offers in our web-store!

You can find renewed product categories and special offers in our web-store!In our web-store – which we established first of all to satisfy demands of households – you can find new product groups. There are a lot of products, including wall-mounted vapour exhausters, kitchen garbage milling/disposal appliances and dishwashers etc. We call your kind attention to the combinated products of built-in oven and gas cooker plate as well as to the complete set of exhauster, oven, gas cooker plate and sink unit with tap and to the set of sink unit + tap.

Clear product catalogue, searching function and descriptions with photos help you to purchase as simple as possible. Please visit our web-store and look at our product range! Our prices are really attractive!

Designed faucets, first of all for catering- and food industry use

Designed faucets, first of all for catering- and food industry use
Our continuously extending product range got four new members. From now the latest generation of popular Stern infrared-controlled taps can be bought from B&K Ltd. too.The new product line provides ideal solutions both for food- and catering industries. Let’s see!
At the same time of introduction of the new products we offer our already known and introduced taps - Swan 1000, 1000E, 1010, 1010E, (YS25030000, YS25040000, YS25113000, YS25101000) - at very favourable prices!

Strázsa-hill will again be cheerfully loud with cyclists

Strázsa-hill will again be cheerfully loud with cyclists As a tradition of the past years, cyclists will occupy Strázsa-hill Monor for one day in this year.too. On 26 May 2007. traditional Strázsa-hill Amateur Field Bicycle Race will be organized. Strázsahegyi Tekerõ Amatõr Terep Kerékpárverseny.

Enter also You for the race in the name of your firm, enterprise, since a wellness weekend will be drawn among the participants - riding the whole distance of the race – (offered by Monori Nyerges Hotel ) while the winners will be given a cellar dinner as a present. (Two prizes can be won by one person!)

Visit the cellar village on Strázsa-hill and enjoy hospitality of inhabitants of Monor, atmosphere of wine cellars and taste aroma of our wines!
Further information: 1. Announcement of competition 2. Map of the circles to be ridden 3. Home page of the program
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