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Dear partners!

Dear partners!We are pleased to inform you: auction page of B&K website has been completely renewed!

According to the previous practice there will be also traditional auctions, but since now you can bid for the many-pieces products in a much more flexible way, so called Dutch auction.

For further details you can check in with your registered user’s code and can click on AUCTION or DUTCH AUCTION page within the page of FOR REGISTERED USERS. Here you can find all information you need in order you can take part in the auction game.

You haven’t been registered yet? Please click on the page of REGISTRATION, and send your application NOW!

We hope you would like to play and while you are playing you can get some of our products at a very favourable price!


NEW PRODUCTSWe inform our Kind Partners that the PRODUCT RANGE HAS CHANGED both in our catalogue (written form and also here on Internet) and in our pricelist. The purpose of this change is that our partners can search in much easier way. The most important change is that we created a „New products” category, into which we’ll insert those products which you couldn’t meet in the previous pricelist yet. So you will see the new products immediately.

This time you can meet new products in the following categories:

  • Infrared controlled taps
  • Infrared controlled pissoir flushes
  • Built-in cisterns
  • Accessories of the products with supporting brackets
  • Equipment for handicapped
  • Porcelain sanitary products
  • Industrial cleaning- and disinfecting materials for HACCP system
  • Accessories for instrument disinfectors
  • Chemical dispensers, washing- and disinfecting appliances
  • Big kitchen’s rinsing showers
  • Accessories for rinsing showers
  • Stainless steel floor siphons
Please click on the page of OUR PRODUCTS for details!

Let us present you the products of B&K Ltd.t!

Let us present you the products of B&K Ltd.t!Dear Designer,

Please participate on the meetings we organize for designers about our products and company activity! You can ask your questions to our skilled experts.

You can register for presentations here on our home-page, on the page CONNECTIONS. You should fill in the form.

We call your attention that you can register on our home-page! Please click on page REGISTRATION and you will experience its advantages! You can register also for presentations in the text box.

Everybody who registered for presentations will be informed about the next date of such a meeting.

A half-year inventory

We inform You that

sale was interrupted on 1st July 2005.

for the half-year inventory of our warehouse.

We hope you understand inconvenience, caused by this stoppage.

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